路 璐,李博宸,成绍鸫,米少波*


路  璐,李博宸,成绍鸫,米少波*

(1.季华实验室,广东佛山528200;2. 材料科学与工程学院,西安交通大学,陕西西安710049)

摘  要   本文研究了In/Nb共掺杂TiO2(TINO)薄膜在LaAlO3(001)和m面a-Al2O3衬底上的生长行为和显微结构特征。研究发现TINO薄膜在LaAlO3衬底上呈现锐钛矿结构(A-TINO),在m面a-Al2O3衬底上呈现金红石结构(R-TINO)。薄膜与衬底的晶体学取向关系分别为:(001)[100]A-TINO//(001)[100]LaAlO3和(001)[100]R-TINO//(1 00)[0001]a-Al2O3。通过原子分辨率扫描透射高角环形暗场像技术确定了A-TINO/LaAlO3和R-TINO/a-Al2O3异质界面以及薄膜中孪晶和晶界的精细结构。本工作有助于理解TiO2基薄膜的外延生长行为以及掺杂元素在材料中的偏聚特征。

关键词   二氧化钛;薄膜材料;掺杂;缺陷;界面结构

中图分类号:O484.1;O766+.1;O77+1    文献标识码:A   doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-6281.2023.06.007


Microstructural characterization of (In/Nb) Co-doped TiO2 thin films by advanced electron microscopy

LU Lu1, LI Bo-Chen2, CHENG Shao-Dong2, MI Shao-Bo1*

(1. Ji Hua Laboratory, Foshan Guangdong 528200; 2. School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Shaanxi 710049,China)

Abstract   The growth and microstructures of In/Nb co-doped TiO2(TINO) thin films prepared on LaAlO3(001) and m-plane a-Al2O3 were investigated by advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM). TINO thin films have an anatase structure (A-TINO) on LaAlO3 and a rutile structure (R-TINO) on m-plane a-Al2O3. The film-substrate orientation relation was determined to be (001)[100]A-TINO//(001)[100]LaAlO3 and (001)[100]R-TINO//(1 00)[0001] a-Al2O3. By high-angle annular dark-field imaging of scanning TEM, the structural details of A-TINO/LaAlO3 and R-TINO/a-Al2O3 heterointerface, twins, and grain boundaries were characterized at the atomic scale. Our findings provide a better understanding of the growth behavior of TiO2-based thin films on various substrates and cation segregation in the doped TiO2 materials.

Keywords   TiO2; thin film; doping; defects; interface structure